Website performance monitoring

Monitor and optimize your site performance and Core Web Vitals.
Get speed insights from real users experiences.

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Website performance monitoring

The speed monitoring toolkit

Lightspeed includes all the features you need to monitor performance and improve your website speed.

Continuous monitoring

Automatic performance & Web Core Vitals monitoring for your website.

Google real users data

Discover what your real users are experiencing.

Performance tracking

Track your performance score over time, and see when it changes.

Multi device

Monitor your website on mobile and desktop devices.

Notificationscoming soon

Get weekly reports and alerts when your website metrics change.

On demand & batch runs

You deployed to your staging environment? Test all your staging pages immediatly.

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Faster site. Happier users.

Increase conversions and get a higher Google ranking by speeding up your website.

SEO ranking

Web Core Vitals is now an important Google ranking factor.

Better user experience

Users prefer websites with quick loading times.

More conversions

Increase your revenue & conversion rates with a faster website.

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Lightspeed doesn't require to add any aditional script that could decrease your site speed.
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